学院有一支团结协作、素质优良的教师队伍,近年来,获得23个省级及以上教学大赛奖项。现有专任教师68, 其中,教授4人,副教授20人,博士5人(含在读);获得湖北省政府特殊津贴专家1人,湖北省楚天学子1人;70%的教师具有海外学习、工作经历。

 多年的积淀使学院在夯实办学基础、学科yabo手机版等方面取得了一定的成绩: 拥有校级重点学科(外国语言文学)、校级科研平台(中法文化研究中心)、校级青年科技创新团队、校级教学团队及1门省级、2门校级精品资源共享课程,获得4项省、校级教学成果奖。近三年,学生中116人次获得省级及以上学科竞赛奖项。


About SFL

  School of Foreign Languages (SFL) in Hubei Polytechnic University was founded in 2005, but the school’s history can date back to the year of 1994 when Business English program was offered. SFL initiated the bachelor degree program in 2005 with the major of English Language and Literature. 709 students are now studying at SFL which offers two bachelor degree programs (English Language and Business English) and associate college program of Business English. For 15 years, more than 3,200 SFL graduates have received job offers mainly from foreign trade enterprises, foreign-funded companies and secondary and primary schools.

 SFL consists of English Department (including Teaching and Research Sections for English Language and Literature, Business English, and Comprehensive English Skills) and College English Teaching Department. A provincial-level English Language Learning Center with an area of 2,700 square meters was set up in 2011, which can accommodate 1,500 students to practice language skills simultaneously. The center is equipped with Satellite programs receiving resources system with 20 language labs (including specialized labs, sound labs and web-based rooms for Self-access ) and 1 practice base for language communication, providing a modern learning environment.

  SFL boasts an excellent faculty with the spirit of cooperation, unity and dedication, who have gained 23 provincial teaching contest awards and 4 provincial-level or university-level Teaching Achievement Awards in recent years. There are 68 full-time teachers now (4 professors, 20 associate professors and 5 PhD / PhD candidates included), among whom 1 teacher gets Special Allowance from Hubei Government and 1 teacher is granted with the title of “Chutian Scholar” by Hubei Provincial Department of Education. 70% of teachers have overseas educational background or work experience.

 Currently, SFL hosts a key discipline of Foreign Language and Literature, a scientific research platform of Sino-French Culture Studies Center, a youth science & technology innovation team and an excellent teaching team at the university level. With unremitting efforts of the staff, 1 High-quality resource sharing course at provincial level and 2 at university level are available online. In the past 3 years, 116 students have gained contest awards at national or provincial level.

 Sticking to the tenet of “integration of learning and application”, “unity of knowledge and action”, SFL emphasizes competence-based education, striving to cultivate the high-quality application-oriented talents with good language proficiency, vocational skills and innovative abilities.

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