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coronavirus n.冠状病毒 

retrograde v.逆行

blasphemy v.亵渎

reimbursement n.报销 

ordain v.任命

The Diary of Beating the Virus


Mr. Lu Xun wrote: "I wish Chinese youth would get rid of the cold air and just walk up without listening to the words of self abandonment. They can do what they can, and they can make a sound. If they are a little hot, they can make a light. If they are like fireflies, they can also make a light in the dark without waiting for the torch."

鲁迅先生曾写道: “愿中国青年都摆脱冷气,只是向上走,不必听自暴自弃者流的话,能做事的做事,能发声的发声,有一分热,发一分光;就令萤火一般,也可以在黑暗里发一点光,不必等候炬火。”

When the country is in crisis, tens of thousands of volunteers, who are active in the streets, hospitals and communities of Wuhan, are the "Fireflies" who are risking their lives to illuminate society and others with light and heat.


During the Spring Festival, the vast majority of people stay at home to ensure their own safety and not to cause trouble to the country. But the brave volunteers, who are willing to sacrifice themselves, dare todedicateand go retrograde; they are fathers and sons, they are mothers and daughters, and they know that the most precious thing is life. What I want to share with you today is an ordinary guy from Guigang City, Guangxi, Liang Yijin.


Liang Yijin, a post-90s youth, is an ordinary villager in hongshe village, Xintang Township, Gangnan District, Guigang City, Guangxi Province. He is 28 years old and warm-hearted. After graduating from junior high school,heentered the society to fight, didsmall business and run a chicken farm, but because of the bird flu,helost allhismoney. Now, the most valuable thing inhishand is a pickup truck. After careful consideration, he made a bold decision to drive a minivan full of materials from his hometown. The canvas on both sides of the car said "come on, Wuhan, I'm a volunteer, please take care of me all the way"!


Liang went retrograde and travelled thousands of miles to help, and it took more than 20 hours to reach Wuhan, wherethe novel coronaviruspneumonia was most severe. After arriving in Wuhan,heasked the on-duty police on the roadside for help. The police first thanked him and then enthusiastically helped him to contact the place where the materials were received—the donation materials reception point of Wuhan Economic Development Zone Citizen Service Center.


‘Where can I get a big broad shelter a thousand, ten thousand spans wide,huge roof that all the world’s poor people can share with smiling faces?’ Although the economic conditions of thispost-90s Guangxi guy are not rich, he is kind-hearted and borns with the noble feelings of the ancients. At home, he always pays attention to the news of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan. He feels very sad and always thinks about what he can do.


"Want to go to Wuhan to do something meaningful", this idea has been hovering in Liang Yijin's mind. After the seventh day of the lunar new year, Liang began to prepare materials; on the tenth day of the lunar new year,hepaid for 500 kg rice, 1000 kg eggs, cooking oil and vegetables with tens of thousands of yuan; in the morning of the eleventh day of the lunar new year,hedrove to Wuhan according to the planned route without tellinghis family.


After arriving in Wuhan, Liang donated materials and insisted repeatedly to stay as a volunteer, saying that he could help deliver materials and be a porter. Finally, the local volunteer organization agreed to let Liang help pick up the goods and carry the materials. Some people suggested that Liang takesthe oil invoice from Wuhan for reimbursement. He refused: "as a volunteer to fight against thevirus, if I still need to pay back, isn't it blasphemethe spirit of volunteerism?"

到达武汉,梁意锦捐出物资后,一再坚持要留下来当志愿者,说自己可以帮忙运送物资、当搬运工。当地志愿者机构最终答应了,让梁意锦帮忙接货和搬运物资。有人建议梁意锦把来武汉的油费发票拿来报销,他一口拒绝了: “作为一名抗击疫情的志愿者,如果我还需要回报,那不是亵渎了志愿精神吗?”

Liang Yijin, a young Guangxi man, drove for 20 hours to help Wuhan, which moved many people. He was also awarded "positive energy special award" by Alibaba positive energy public welfare platform and SouthlandMorning Post, and won 20000 yuan prize and honorary certificate. In the case of Liang,we seem to see the spirit of Guangxi's "wolf soldiers" during the Anti Japanese war. Some netizens said he was "the most beautiful rebel, the most beautifulguyin Guangxi", others said he was "thetruewolf of Guangxi"!


Life is only oncefor everyone, but the volunteers who are fighting on the front lines have chosen to come forward and write down a thick stroke of Jiangcheng Wuhan with their own actions. They are the most beautiful retrogrades in Wuhan! In a sense, they are the backbone of China!


The ancients once said‘To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for the people, to continue lost teachings for past sages, to establish peace for all future generations.’ The volunteers in the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumoniaexplained these four sentences with the most beautiful actions, which also expressed their responsibility and mission to the country and society. Let's pay homage to the volunteers who are retrograde in the battle against pneumonia! Let's remember them, let's listen to them!

古语有云: “为天地立心,为生民立命,为往圣继绝学,为万世开太平”,抗击疫情中的志愿者们用最美的行动诠释这四句话,更是表达了他们对国家,对社会的担当和使命。让yabo手机版向抗击肺炎疫情的战役中,那些逆行而上的志愿者致敬!让yabo手机版记住他们,让yabo手机版用心聆听他们的心声!


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